This is a joint statement of key organisations and individuals in response to the Government’s consultation on ‘Out of school education settings: call for evidence’

Below is a statement written by the Northern Council of Mosques in response to the Government’s consultation over the registration and monitoring of “out-of-school settings”.

The statement will be sent to politicians, academics and media to clearly demonstrate the opposition to such measures.

If you would like to sign the statement below fill in the form at the bottom of this statement and we will add your name to the list.



This is a joint statement of key organisations and individuals in response to the Government’s consultation on ‘Out of school education settings: call for evidence’


About this consultation process – call for evidence or foregone conclusion?

In view of the opinions expressed by senior political figures in recent months, it sadly appears to many that the Government is determined to see through the regulation of the education in out-of-school settings despite there being an overwhelming rejection of it. The Government is driven to regulate out-of-school settings under a misguided belief that regulation is required because there exists compelling and quality evidence that justifies religious education out-of-school settings are engaging in ‘’prohibited activities’’ that is ‘’undesirable teaching, for example teaching which undermines or is incompatible with fundamental British values, or which promotes extremist views’’.

We believe that there is no compelling necessity for regulating a community education sector that has served and flourished independently. It allows communities to take responsibility for addressing special and additional educational needs not adequately catered for or provided by the state education system. It would be irresponsible on the part of the government to dampen/ destroy the community spirit, action and ownership that has served us well.

If areas of improvement are needed for religious education in out-of-school settings, we believe that the state regulation is a massive over reaction. Rather the communities themselves are in the best position to address any potential concerns in partnership with other local stakeholders.


Observations, concerns and recommendations:

It is our collective duty to ‘represent’ the concerns of and recommendations from our members from the Islamic religious education sector. Thus, we take this opportunity to make a number of observations, concerns and recommendations with respect to the proposed Government regulation of religious education in out-of-school settings.


  1. We strongly hold onto the view that Mosques/Madrassas and other faith providers including Churches/Sunday Schools and Synagogues/Yeshivas should remain independent to practise and educate within their respective faith without undue Government interference.


  1. Further, religious education in out-of-school settings have been established with ‘’the paramount interest’’ and wellbeing of children in mind, to learn in a safe environment. The proposals contained in the consultation document clearly breach the independency of faith providers.


  1. The proposal of ‘registration’, ‘inspection’ and ‘sanctions’ as set out in the consultation document clearly departs from the British tradition not to regulate religious education and worship in the following three ways:
  • a) Firstly, any providers of religious education in out-of-school settings would be required by ‘compulsion’ to ‘register with the Government via the LA and/or Ofsted.
  • b) Secondly, once registered the religious education provider would be subject to a Government inspection regime via LA and/or Ofsted. We note that the inspection regime as with state schools, would inspect the content of religious curriculum and its religious teaching against criteria set by Government and further interpreted by Government inspectors from LA and/or Ofsted.
  • c) Thirdly, should the provider of a religious education in out-of-school setting not meet the Government’s criteria with respect to its religious education, then the Government would have the sanction powers to remove teachers and/ close the religious education out-of-school provision on principle grounds of ‘extremism’.

We believe the definition of ‘’extremism’’ which lies at the heart of the regulation of religious education in out-of-school settings is open to abuse due to its vague definition. It allows subjective interpretations by Government via LA and/or Ofsted, who will be making decisions over the registration process or inspection or sanctioning for non-compliance of religious education in out-of-school settings. The term ‘extremism’ is potentially all encompassing, vague and lacks any legal certainty. We note the term ‘extremism’ is a much contested concept even within Parliamentary reports which offered conflicting findings often sensationalised by the media and overstated by some officials over whether ‘extremist’ practices were in fact found in Birmingham Schools. ‘Extremism’ was also a term the Home Secretary, Theresa May, was unable to define when questioned on Radio 4 “Today’s Programme” [13th May 2015].


  1. In addition to the above, we are concerned that orthodox religious ideas and practices will fall foul of any criteria set by Government on how religious education should be taught. For example, religious concepts related to belief, sacrifice or religious bonds of unity as well as religious practices such as modesty in dress, gender relationships, marriage, inheritance, will writing and the resolution of family disputes are likely to fail any educational criteria set by the Government. That is because it is apparent that the Government has adopted an “aggressive secular” interpretation of the vaguely defined term “British values” and the equally vague benchmark which is found in Government reports that some ‘failing schools’ ‘do not prepare children for modern British life.


  1. We further believe there is little, if any evidence, to support the claim that religious education in out-of-school settings promotes terrorism, or its religious teachings are a pathway to terrorism, or that children are vulnerable to terrorism by attending such provisions. Therefore, there is no compelling evidential justification for Government regulation via local authority and/or Ofsted of ‘religious education’ provided in an out-of-school setting.


  1. Unfortunately we fear that should out of school settings be regulated this will adversely affect children’s development should these proposals pass into law. This is due to the idea of Prevent agenda and the S.21 Prevent Duty to prevent individuals being drawn into terrorism being tied into the regulation process:


  • a) There is growing evidence in other educational settings that the application of ‘S.21 Prevent Duty’ within nurseries, schools, colleges and universities has been misapplied due to the vague nature of terms like extremism and the flawed theory of radicalisation. For example there are reports of children who have been referred to Prevent Boards for wanting to pray in school or being critical of the media or foreign policy or officials saying that a change in dress, not shopping at a particular store and not participating in another faith’s celebrations are signs of ‘extremism’.


  • b) Children need safe space to discuss their views on current events and properly directed by true religious teachings without fear of being referred to a Prevent Board. This would be difficult to achieve within the context of the vague definitions of ‘extremism’ and the risk-averse culture which seems to develop in other educational settings. Faith providers may simply avoid such open conversations with children for fear of being labelled extremists themselves.


  • c) We believe it is unhealthy for children and their development to have such intrusive and excessive amount of Government monitoring of their ordinary daily activities.


  1. We have reason to believe that the proposition to register out-of-school settings is designed to disproportionately target the Muslim community due to the non-evidential basis of associating Madrassas with radicalisation. Similarly we have seen how the Prevent strategy has been selectively applied upon Muslims based upon a preconceived prejudice that is built around vague notions of extremism and radicalisation. For example a FOI request revealed that between 2007-10, 67% of referrals to the Channel program were Muslim and from 2012-13, 57% were Muslim, bearing in mind that Muslims make up less than 5% of the UK population.


  1. Furthermore, where there are issues of concerns over religious education in out-of-school settings, we believe such concerns are best addressed by an independent advisory/standard bodies rather than to put in place far reaching powers to regulate all religious education in out-of-school settings through the process of compulsory registrations, inspection and sanction departing from principles and traditions outlined above.


  1. We believe the process of registering and preparation for inspections for many religious education in out-of-school settings will be an inefficient use of time, resources and money, particularly at a time of austerity.


  1. We further believe there are ample laws and safeguarding measures to close premises on grounds of health and safety or fire safety concerns or planning violations and also to prosecute those who harm children via the criminal and civil justice system and prohibit them from teaching with children again. Where there are gaps in the law on unsafe premises to teach, then Government should consider further legal measures to either prohibit teaching in those premises or closure. However, for the sake of completeness and clarity we do not support the sanctions as set out in para 3.21 of the consultation document to remove teachers or close premises if they are undertaken on grounds of ‘extremism’ for reasons set out above.


  1. The Government should further recognise the lengths taken by regional independent advisory bodies which assist religious education in out-of-school settings in putting into place effective safeguarding measures, provide teacher training and developing curriculum to achieve high standards for its children.


  1. Finally our sincere advice to the Government is that, should religious education in out-of-school settings be subject to legal regulation backed by sanction, then it is respectfully submitted this will not be effective to reduce violence or prevent terrorism which we all desire. Moreover, regulation of the kind suggested and further practiced is likely to be counter-productive to developing strong relations between local and central government with the communities they serve and will further alienate some of our communities by undermining the trust and confidence that they should have towards Government, Ofsted and their local authority. Many will see regulation of religious education as yet another discriminatory witch-hunt or as a poor attempt by Government to engineer a compliant form of religious devotion and a passive citizenry with anyone critical of official policy perceived as an ‘extremist’.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in this joint statement further, should you wish to have meaningful consultation and dialogue.

The list below shows Organisations / Mosques that are supporting our campaign by signing up to either our Joint Statement or Consultation response or both.

  1. Bolton Council of Mosques
  2. Council for Mosques, Bradford
  3. Oldham Mosques
  4. Lancashire Council of Mosques
  5. Manchester Council of Mosques
  6. Stockport Mosques
  7. Rochdale Council of Mosque
  8. Ngemnyi Azefor,Ngemnyi Azefor,Bramhall Lane South,Stockport
  9. Shoib Divelli,,,Bolton
  10. Imran Khan,Great Lever Education And Welfare Trust,Headteacher,Bolton
  11. Muhammad Kaysar Hussain ,Global Aid UK,Secretary ,St. Albans
  12. Aziz Khan,Masjid Ibraheem & Education Centre (MIEC),Principal,Bradford
  13. Jabir Divelli,Tahfeezul Quran ,Volenteer Teacher,Bolton
  14. Akram Khan ,Unity4uk,Head,Luton
  15. Quresh Ali,Al Hikmah Learning Centre,Trustee,Bradford
  16. Abdus Salaam,Alhikmah Learning Centre,Teacher,Bradford
  17. Mohammed Najeeb Khan,Leeds Teaching Hospitals,Pharmacy Technician,Leeds
  18. Faruk Patel ,Bolton Muslim Girls School,Governor,Bolton
  19. Imran Khan,Bolton Islamic Girls School,Govenor ,Bolton
  20. Dawood Kadva,Al Jamia Darul Quran,Secretary,Bolton
  21. Mustafa Chaudhary,Reading Muslim Council,Secretary,Reading
  22. Rifan Sha'd ,Slicam ,Area Represent ,Gr Manchester
  23. Abdul Raoof Malik ,Easton Jamia Mosque (council Of Bristol Mosques),Chair (mosque),Bristol
  24. Shahid Munshi,BCOM,Health Forum,Bolton
  25. Mehabub,Anwar Ul Islam,Volunteer Teacher,Batley
  26. Mumtaz Ali,Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance,Youth Coordinator,Huddersfield
  27. Arif Malek,Abu Hurairah ,Teacher,Leicester
  28. Saqib Mahmood ,Council Of Islamic Scholars East Anglia ,Executive Member,Luton
  29. Adle Hussain,Misbah Hul Uloom,Teacher,Bradford
  30. Omair Mohammed ,Al Huda Academy ,Teacher ,Rotherham
  31. Mohamed Anas Shaikh,As-Salaam Centre,Imam,Manchester
  32. Riyadh Patel,AR RAHMA CENTRE,Imaam,Birmingham
  33. Saif Ali,Al Sunnah Scotland ,Chairman,Glasgow
  34. Abdul Mateen Khandoker ,Milton Keynes Muslim Association ,Teacher ,Milton Keynes
  35. Iqbal Gangat,Masjid Zeenatulislam ,Imaam And Principle,Coventry
  36. Raza Ul Mustafa Sabir ,Jamia Nizamia Educational & Cultural Centre Derby,Imam & General Secretary ,Derby
  37. Muhammad Muneer ,Faizan E Madinah Peterborough ,Lmam/teacher,Peterborough
  38. Ayyaz Iqbal,Sfm,Teacher,Leeds
  39. Zubair Muhammadi,Afghan Islamic Cultural Centre,Member Board Of Trustee ,London
  40. Ghulam Moyhuddin,Ashton Central Mosque,Head Imam,Ashton Under Lyne
  41. Ubaid Ur Rahman ,Ukim Masjid And Madrassah Byron Street Bradford ,Head Teacher And Minister Of Religion ,Bradford
  42. Abrarulhaq,Madrassah Ta'leemul Islam,Teacher,Blackburn
  43. Tokeer Bashir ,Queensgate Islamic ,Imam ,Burnley
  44. M.Ilyaas H Limbada,Yeovil Islamic Centre,Imam/Principle,Yeovil, Somerset
  45. Kafayat Balogun ,Hijama & Just Halal Association Of Drug - Less Therapists ,Trainer,Kent
  46. A S Divelli,Masjid-E-Taqwa - Great Lever Walfare Trust,Teacher,Bolton
  47. Mufti Shihab Uddin,Madrasa Baitul Ilm ,Principal ,Bradford
  48. Ali Anees,Eccles And Salford Islamic Society ,Chairman ,Manchester
  49. Sajid Malik ,Makka Mosque ,General Secretary,Bolton
  50. Bilal Munir,City Jame' Masjid,Teacher,Manchester
  51. Tuhel Miah,Al-Madina Masjid,Secretary,Leeds
  52. Usman Boota,Shipley Masjid Association,Chairperson,Bradford
  53. Arshad Khan,Central Jamia Mosque Madni ,Committee Member,Halifax
  54. Suleman Isakji,Madressa Islamia Talimuddin ,Kings Heath,Birmingham
  55. Anjum Anwar,Woman's Voice,Chair,Accrington
  56. Tariq Mahmood,Love Our Prophet, Defend His Honour,Campaigner,Glasgow
  57. Tariq Mahmood,Independent Muslim Forum (IMF),Chairperson,Bolton
  58. Majid Hussain,Need4Deen,Activist,Bolton
  59. Dr M. Ashraf Laher,Jamiat-ul-Ulama Britain,London Co-ordinator & Organiser,London
  60. Mahbub Nazir,Association Of Leeds Mosques,Chair,Leeds
  61. Azizur Rehman,Masjid Noor,Volunteer,Bradford
  62. Salim Bhorat,.,Activist,Bolton
  63. Hasan Dadibhai,Rabetah Al Ulama Batley,General Secretary,Batley
  64. Muhammad Ashraf ,THIC,Principal ,Croydon
  65. Muhammad Mahbub Uddin ,Birmingham Community Development Complex ,Headteacher ,Birmingham
  66. Mohammed Dilwar Hussain,Leeds Islamic Centre,Volunteer,Leeds
  67. Ziya Ahmed,Masjid Al Momineen,Principal,Blackburn
  68. Mohmed Master,Elite Wholesale Suppliers,Upton Park,London
  69. Rashid Aboojee,Makki Masjid ,Trustee Chairman ,Burton On Trent
  70. Muhammad D Hussain,East End Islamic Centre,Headteacher ,London
  71. Muhammad Ibrahim ,Tawakkulia ,Volunteer ,Bradford
  72. Mufti Salim Ismail,Masjid Hikmah Newham ,Imam ,Plaistow
  73. Mohammad Ejaz ,Sharee Council ,Senior Member ,Dewsbury
  74. Majid Hamid,Bearsden Muslim Association Community Centre (BMACC) ,Minister Of Religion ,Glasgow
  75. Mushtaq Issap,Madrasah Anwaar Ul Quraan ,Headteacher/Principal ,Blackburn
  76. Aman Ullah ,Werneth Jamia Masjid Oldham. ,Head Teacher ,Oldham
  77. NAVEED SARDAR,Scunthorpe Central Mosque,Imam,SCUNTHORPE
  78. Khalilur Rahman,Scunthorpe Central Mosque,Head Imam,SCUNTHORPE
  79. Mufti Asad Waqas ,Masjid Usman Ghani RA And Madni Dawah Academy ,Imam/Director ,Brierfield
  80. Abdul Aziz Raje,WIFAQ UL ULAMA,Administrator ,Ilford
  81. Abdul Mateen ,Madrasa Quwwatul Islam ,Head Teacher ,Forestgate London
  82. Suliman Gani,ICOUK ,,,Imam Teacher And Presenter ,London
  83. Mataan Noh,Quba Islamic And Education Centre ,Chairman Of Trustees ,Middlesex, Hayes
  84. Imran Pandor,Almahadul Islami ,Headteacher,Bradford
  85. Abdullah Rawat,Musallaa An Noor,Head Teacher And Mosque Secretary,London
  86. Ubaidullah Shameem ,Shahporan Jami Mosque & Community Centre ,Imam,Birmingham
  87. M A Miah ,Colchester Mosque ,Imam,Colchester
  88. Faisal Mahmood,UKIM Masjid Khadijah,Chairman,Peterborough
  89. Abdul Razaq,Masjid Khadjia ,Executive Memenber,Peterborough
  90. Hafiz Asif,Madressa Talim Ul Islam ,Principle,Blackburn
  91. Adil Munir ,Ar Rahma Centre ,Volunteer ,Birmingham
  92. Waseem Hanif,Milaad House, Sultan Bahu Trust ,Comittee Member ,Blackburn
  93. Faisal Mirza ,Randal Mosque,Trustee ,Blackburn
  94. Leyakat Ali Sidat ,Madrassah Faizan E Islam,Head Teacher ,Manchester
  95. Leyakat Ali Sidat ,Madrassah Faizan E Islam ,Head Teacher ,Manchester
  96. Javed Saddique ,Jamia Masjid Raza, Blackburn ,Mosque Member,Blackburn
  97. Mohammed Sarwar,Private,Mosque,Blackburn
  98. Hussain Mahroof ,Ghosia Masjid Rayndal Street, Blackburn ,Member,Blackburn
  99. Dil Mohammed,Arakan Rohingya Organisation UK ( AROUK ) ,President,Bradford
  100. Muhammad Abdulmuheet ,Bahr Academy ,Principal,Newcastle Upon Tyne
  101. Zarif Mirza,CMA (Cheadle Mosque),Trustee,Stockport
  102. Mohammad .S. Hoque ,Imam Bukhari Academy ,Head Teacher ,North London
  103. Amir Suleman,UKIM Masjid Khadijah ,Secretary ,Peterborough
  104. Sajid Patel,Madrasah Nur Ul Islam ,Imam,Gloucester
  105. Muhammad Miah,Luton Council Of Mosques,Head Of Education Committee ,Luton
  106. MUHAMMAD Akram Khan,Madina Masjid ( UKIM ) Luton Bedfordshire ,Member Education Commettee,18 B Conway Road Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8JA
  107. Syed Razwan,Abu Hurairah Academy,Principal ,Bradford
  108. Mosjid E Bilal ,Glamorgan Muslim Association ,Imam,Bridgend, Cardiff
  109. Abdul Kabir,MUA,Chairman,Rotherham
  110. Waliur Rahman ,Luton Council Of Mosques ,Chair ,Luton
  111. Firdous Haque,Jamie Qasmia Zahidia Cultural Islamic Centre,Teasher,Oldham
  112. Islam Ali Shah,Madrasah Arabiyah Islamiyah,Head Teacher ,Wakefield
  113. Arshad Bismillah,Chapel Walk Masjid,Head Teacher,Sheffield
  114. Maryam Khalid,Khadija Centre,Teacher,Oldham
  116. Shafiq Ur Rehman,January Ahle Hadith Oldham,Minister Of Relegion ,Oldham
  117. Zafar Iqbal,Islamic Education Centre/Mosque,Development Manager/spokesperson ,Sunderland
  118. Mohammad Raees,Madrassah Misbah-Ul-Uloom,Head Teacher ,Bradford
  119. Abdul Wahid,Masjid Noor,Imam,Bradford
  120. Mohammed Abdul Hadi,Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith,Chairmain,Birmingham
  121. C. Yousuf,Derby Ahlehadith Mosque,Trustee,Derby
  122. Aisha Abdul Hadi,Sisters Islamic Circle,Head,Newcastle Upon Tyne
  123. Amjad Khan,Makki Masjid ,Secretary ,Birmingham
  124. Aftab Ahmad,Village Islamic Centre,Trustee,Birmingham
  125. Mohammad Abdullah ,Hall Green Community Centre,Chairman,Birmingham
  126. Nuneaton Muslim Society & Al - Madrasah Al - Islamia,Nuneaton Muslim Society & Al - Madrasah Al - Islamia,General Secretary,Nuneaton
  127. Sajid Safdar,Masjid E Umar,Imam,Bradfors
  128. Sharif Ullah Shahid ,Al Huda Masjid BD7 2AA ,Imam And Khateeb,Bradford
  129. Sharif Ullah Shahid ,Al Huda Masjid BD7 2AA ,Imam And Khateeb ,Bradford
  130. Zubair Ahmad ,Jamea Masjid AL Furqan,Imam,Rochdale
  131. Abdul Huy Malek LLB(Hons),Afifah School,Principal,Manchester
  132. Wajid Malik ,Middlesbrough Central Masjid ,Imam,Middlesbrough
  133. Atia Khan,North Manchester Jamia Mosque,Teacher,Manchester
  134. Amjad Sab,Mohammadi Masjid Nelson,Chairmen,Nelson
  135. Mohamad Abed Shukfa,East Ayrshire Central Mosque,Imam,Kilmarnock
  136. Zahid Akhtar,Documenting Oppression Against Muslims,Founder,Walsall
  137. Raja Qasim,Markazi Jamia Ghousia Masjid,Committee Member,Nelson
  138. Abdullah Kola,Madina Education Academy /Madina Masjid ,Imam,Newcastle Upon Tyne
  139. Mohammad Aslam,Mohammadi Mosque,Chairman,Nelson
  140. Shasta Tabussum,Masjid Umar,Teacher,Nottingham
  141. Fakhrul Islam,Hockwell Ring Masjid,Imam,Luton
  142. Younis Ahmed ,Masjid-At Taqwa,Committee Member ,Bradford
  143. Abdullah Dhorat ,Masjid Ibrahim ,Imam,Leiceser
  144. Mohammed Makeen Salloo ,Madrassah Rahmaniah ,Teacher (HMC QA),Redditch
  145. Mohammed,Madina Mosque,Senior Imam,Zahoor
  146. Syed Fahim Taher Ahmed,Sunderland Islamic Scholars Union,Secretary,Sunderland
  147. Sheikh Abdul Amin,Oldham Madani Academy ,Head Teacher,Oldham
  148. Mr M Ashraf,Khanqa E Madniyah Noorpur Shareef Bradford ,Secretary ,Bradford
  149. Khalid Sharif,Madina Masjid,Head Of Masjid,Keighley
  150. Mohammed Ilyas,Jamia Usmania Mosque,Secretary ,Bradford
  151. Dr. Suhaib Hasan,Al Quran Society,London,Chairman,London
  152. Abdul Sami,HMCT,Imam,Manchester
  153. Mohamed Ismail,Albayaan Arabic Foundation,Principal,Leicester
  154. Yacoob Hafejee,Masjid E Noor ,HeadTeacher ,Manchester
  155. Abubaker Akujee ,Madressa Taleemul Islam ,Volunteer Teacher ,42 Albion Street M169lz
  156. Mr Mohamed Timol,Madrasah Talimul Islam,Volunteer ,Manchester
  157. Ashraf IH Timol,Manchester Muslims Burial Trust,Trustee,Manchester
  158. Kyalida Shujaat,Jamia Qasmia Zahidia Cultural Islamic Centre Oldham,Teacher,Oldham
  159. Saeed Umar,Madina Mosque Preston,Member ,Preston
  160. Ishak Jarman,VALAN Social Welfare ,Secretary,Bolton
  161. Badrul Islam,Northampton Central Masjid ,Imam ,Northampton
  162. Mohammad Akhtar Hussain ,At-Taqwa Trust ,Secretary ,Ilford
  163. Hafiz Sabir Hussain ,Madni Jamia Masjid Association ,Secretary And Imaam,Huddersfield
  164. Zubair Mangera ,Tuyoorul Jannah SEN Madrasah,Head Teacher,Blackburn
  165. Muhammad Badat,Madrassah Falahul Muslimeen,Teacher,Manchester
  166. Ahtaram Muhammad ,Daventry Muslims Association ,Chairman ,Daventry Northamptonshire
  167. Meh Mud Pattel ,Masjid And Madrash Al Tawhid,Chairman,Leyton, London
  168. Shaizad Amir,Ma Institute ,Teacher,Bradford
  169. Sajid Patel,Masjidenoor,Member,Preston
  170. Sheraz Ahmed,Waltham Forest Council Of Mosques,Member ,London
  171. Afzaal Mehdi ,Islamic Education Centre,Treasure,Sunderland
  172. M.javed Falahi,Al-Falah Community Education Centre ,Imam ,Coventry
  173. Abdus Sattar,Masjid Muadh Ibn Jabal,Teacher,Leicester
  174. Yusuf Badat,Idara Falahul Muslimeen,Secretary ,Manchester
  176. Mohamed Bhula,Tahfizul Quran ,Parent ,Bolton
  177. Shamsul Siddique ,Rochdale Boys School ,Deputy Head,Rochdale
  178. Sumeya Patel,MAsjid Quba,Teacher,Bradford
  179. Sufayrah Sayed,Majlisedawatul Haq,Teacher,Leicester
  180. Abdul Q Jeewa,Masjid Al Farouq,Secretary,Walsall
  181. Abdul Q Jeewa,Union Of Muslim Organisations-Walsall,Secretary,Walsall
  182. Jawad Iqbal,PMWA,General Secretary,Walsall
  183. Mohamed Pathan,Masjid Al Farouq ,Assistant Secretary ,Walsall
  184. Abdul Aziz Ravat,Darus Sunnah Madani Trust,Teacher,Walsall
  185. H Hajee,Zakariyya Masjid,Teacher,Preston
  186. Mohammed Hufeez,Mohammed Hufeez,Safeguarding Officer ,Peterborough
  187. Hanif Mahomed,Ar Rahman Madrassa,Secretary ,Bolton
  188. Sohayb Peerbhai,Craven Arms Islamic Centre,Imam,Craven Arms
  189. TariqMohandis,BayturRahman,Vice Chairman,Birmingham
  190. Abdullah Salloo ,ICC Wembley,Minister Of Religion,Wembley
  191. Ebrahim Jeewa,Isle Of Wight Mosque,Key Holder,Newport, Isle Of Wight
  192. Zakaria Seedat,Dawatal Islam Mosque & Madrasah,Headteacher,Dewsbury
  193. Adam Ugradar ,Madina Mosque,Mosque Attendant ,Preston
  194. Saleha Rahman,Indivillduel,Singal,St Alban
  195. Nur Rahman ,Academy,Teacher,Oldham
  196. Aftab Hussain,Darul Uloom,Parent,Luton
  197. Munir Hussain,Rotherham Council Of Mosques,Board Member,Rotherham
  198. Yousuf Patel,Muslim Welfare Society, Darlaston,Imam,Wednesbury
  199. Mohammed Lockhat ,As-Salaam Trust ,Chair,Leicester
  200. Moulana Muhammad Amin,Glamorgan Muslim Association Bridgend ,Imam And Khatib ,Bridgend, Cardiff
  201. Burhan Uddin,Zakariyah Masjid,Chairman,Luton
  202. Mohammed Suleman,Central Mosque & Community Centre, Walsall,Vice-Treasurer ,Walsall
  203. Ishrat Shah,Bayt Al Qaim,Teacher,Bradford
  204. Elyas Khalifa,Nuneaton Muslim Educational Trust,Trustee, Volunteer,Nuneaton
  205. Mushtaq Issap,Madrasah Anwaar Ul Quraan,Principal,Blackburn
  206. Mohamed Anas Shaikh,As-Salaam Centre,Imam,Manchester
  207. Rosh Dimit,BSKW,Chair,London
  208. Raja Qasim ,Markazai Jamia Ghousia Masjid ,Committee Member,Nelson
  209. Omar Salloo,Abu Bakr Trust ,Teacher,Walsall
  210. Habib-Ur-Rehman Yousaf,Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust,Trustee,Ashton Under Lyne
  211. Mohammed Makeen Salloo ,Madrassah Rahmaniah ,Teacher ,Redditch
  212. Mahmud Mezher,City Mosque Preston,Chairman ,Preston
  213. H Samad,Falah Islamic Education Center West Daryton,Imam,West Drayton
  214. Hafizur Rehman ,Falah Islamic Education Center West Daryton,Imam,West Daryton
  215. Mrs Sufayrah Sayed,Majlisedawatul Haq,Teacher,Leicester
  216. MR MOHAMMAD ASHRAF,Islamic Educational And Cultural Centre Khanqa E Madniya Noorpoor Shareef,Secretary ,Bradford
  217. Mr Mohammad Ashraf,Islamic Educational&cultural Centre Bradford,Secretary ,Bradford
  218. Yusuf Patel,SREIslamic,Founder,London

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