Mosque Announcement – Keep Mosques Independent

Below is a draft text for you to pass on or use at your local Mosque to announce the Keep Mosques Independent Campaign.

To download a PDF version of the announcement please click here

Important Announcement:

As you may know, the government is considering regulation of madrasahs under the pretext that our institutions are places where hatred and isolation is taught that could lead to extremism.

We know that our institutions are not as  they are being described, rather the  plan to regulate madrasahs is part of a wider goal to influence and dilute Islamic teaching.

Alhamdulillah all the Northern Regional Council of Mosques including Bolton, Rochdale, Manchester,Lancashire and Bradford have signed an agreed response to the Government plans rejecting any statecontrolled inspections.

It is important that we all reject Government plans and we urge you to sign the statement outside after Jummah today.  You can also sign the response by visiting , in order to send a powerful unified response to the Government consultation.

We pray that we are successful in this effort to protect the future Islamic teaching of our young generations.


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